Make sure your team get home safe.

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Intuitive dashboard providing clear visibility of location and status for all mobile workers
Real-time alarms allowing responders to contact the work, call contact emergency services or find nearby workers to assist
Secure and scalable enterprise-ready solution with event history and analytics
HomeSafe App
Ability to trigger alarms manually or through the use of a duress pin. Automatic alarms when there’s no response even while out data coverage.
Automated Checks
Easily identify when the next “check-in” is due, helping to avoid missed checks and false alarms. Check-in early for convenience and extra reassurance.
High-Risk Mode
Temporarily increase the frequency of checks during high-risk work such as confined space working.
HomeSafe gives us the confidence to know where our teams and that they're safe. If something unexpected happens we can respond with help quickly which makes our team feel looked after.
Jane Smith, eRenewable Inc.

Location and safety tracking to keep your small team safe
Highly effective A.I. powered monitoring and escalation for low cost monitoring and safety of larger teams
Advanced features and allowances to suit larger organisations
Included Mobile Licences
Min Licences
Max Licences
Real-time monitoring dashboard
Metrics dashboard
Address Privacy Choice
Session Data Deletion
Unlimited Monitors and Responders
Notification Alerts
Email Alerts
Data retention for event history
30 days
6 months
24 months
Data retention for metrics
30 days
6 months
24 months
Branded sub-domain
SMS Text Messaging
10 credits/mo.
100 credits/mo.
Premium Data Storage & Performance
Non-Email Users
SAML / Single-Sign On
API Access
12 k requests/mo.

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Cross-Industry Solutions

HomeSafe can be used in many different industries which employ traditional field workers such as construction and asset maintenance. However, our solution works equally well for less obvious sectors such as sales or business consultants, medical staff performing home visits or even staff commuting long distance for meetings and conferences.

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